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Jackson’s Window Shoppe accepts repairs that were purchased through Jackson’s – we do not repair window treatments purchased elsewhere.  The window treatments brought in for repair must be 10 years old or less and there is a normal lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for all repairs. During the holiday season, this may increase. Some service calls may require two technicians for oversize, high, motorized or otherwise difficult repairs for both safety and technical reasons. Battery changes are no longer being offered as a service call after 1st year of purchase.



Service Call Charges for Repairs Dropped Off at Jackson’s:


  • $50/ for the 1st half hour minimum charge

  • $25 each additional ½ hour

  • Parts Additional



If you are unable to bring the repair to Jackson’s due to size or complexity of install and require a service call at your home, the rates are as follows:


Service Call Charges On Location

During our normal business hours

  • Trip Charges:

    • 0 to 10 miles from shop - $80.00

    • 11 to 20 miles - $100.00

    • 21 to 30 miles - $110.00

    • 31 to 40 miles - $120.00

    • 41 to 50 miles - $130.00

    • Each additional 10 miles - $10.00


  • Labor charges on arrival at your location:

    • $75.00 the first ½ hour, each additional ½ hour $25.00 per technician

Non-warranted parts additional.

*Minimum charge upon arrival is $75.00

Service calls are scheduled when in the service area and around regular installations. We are unable to take specific appointment requests (times or dates) for service calls. 

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